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What some of my clients have said about their experiences

I absolutely loved my sessions with Jodi! After each session I noticed an improvement in what we had worked on. After a handful of sessions I feel more at peace in my daily life and within myself. Jodi brings such a calm, inviting energy as she welcomes you into your treatment and her sessions feel safe, calm and completely comfortable.

Her treatment space itself cozy and feels like a retreat. It's very obvious that her heart is fully in her work and that she highly values her clients and their wellbeing.


I am forever grateful for the hypnosis sessions I have done with Jodi. She is professional and compassionate. Her soothing voice, her peaceful and comfortable environment made it extremely easy to relax. She has helped me with my anxiety as well as my deep routed limiting beliefs that had kept me stuck in life.

I am loving the person that I am becoming more and more everyday. My anxiety is no longer crippling. I can now speak up for myself, I have control over my reactions, I have confidence and self worth for once in my life. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life.


Thank you so much Jodi for allowing me to experience  Clinical Hypnotherapy with you. 

Your kind spirit, compassion and positivity were very much appreciated.  I have had much success in creating boundaries and learning to control my anxiety from the sessions I had with you. 


I came to Jodi for Hypnosis because I wanted help to overcome some fears I had about cancer returning.  I didn’t know what to expect to be honest as I had never been hypnotized before.  I’m not usually fearful of anything tangible and tend to face challenges head on, but the fear of the unknown and the possibility that every ache and pain I experienced could be the worst thing repeating itself was becoming overwhelming and I needed help to help me control my thoughts and feelings.  

Jodi was kind and patient and lead me through the whole process and what would happen so that I knew what to expect.  We had a couple of sessions and she then took a different route to help me get to the root cause of the issue and this was a real breakthrough for me.  She helped me take control subconsciously and work through my thought patterns.  She really has helped me and the whole experience has been such a positive experience.  She left me with long lasting subconscious strategies that seem to provide some comfort and strength when I need it.  

I would highly recommend Jodi and this process to anyone and especially when you have explored other methods to help you cope and you need something different but effective.


Jodi has such an amazing talent and she makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.

She helped me with different aspects such as allowing myself to grief, how to deal with my pain, depression and with sleep.

Over the last two years I had to deal with several health issues and life changes which over time I fell into depression. I was not able to allow myself to grief and move forward building a new life, I lost interest in what I used to enjoy, I was existing but not living.

Jodi is very in tuned and with her guidance I realized that it is ok not to be ok. I was able to give myself permission to grief the loss of a life I thought I would have, the life I used to have and no longer have and how to cherish the old life but not dwell in the grief. She helped me to use tools to make new memories and I started to enjoy some of my hobbies and interests.

I recommend Jodi to anyone who is interested or in need of hypnotherapy because without her I would be still deep into my depression and only existing and not enjoying life again.


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