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More about me

I work with individuals who desperately want to make a lasting change in their lives. Individuals who have suffered trauma and/or have PTSD, live with anxiety and depression or want to break free from limiting beliefs that hold them back from living their best lives. I very much enjoy helping couples to rebuild their intimacy and communication through a blend of individual hypnotherapy sessions and joint spiritual wellness sessions. 

I also help women through the process of childbearing and birth in order to manage any triggers and emotions so the process can be wonderful and stress free.

I run a private Clinical Hypnotherapy and Wellness practice in Cochrane Alberta, located in my home that is inviting, relaxing and comfortable. I also offer Clinical Hypnotherapy online via Zoom as I feel it is just as effective as in person sessions and I like to be able to reach as many individuals as I can. 

I have been extensively trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Canadian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy with over 1000 hours of training time.

I have personal experience with trauma and PTSD which allows me to really connect and empathize with my clients in order to get to the heart of the issues whilst also providing energetic support for the release. 

I am a Reiki Master specializing in Usui, Karuna and Violet Flame as well as an intuitive empath, channeller, mindfulness coach, meditation teacher/facilitator and sound healer. I also offer massage services and have been a certified massage therapist for over 25 years. I bring this energy into each and every session that I hold space for. 

If you are interested in working with me or would just like to see who I am, I offer a no obligation 30 minute free consultation either in person or by phone. From September 18, 2023, my Clinical Hypnotherapy practice takes place at Maliya Wellness Centre for Women, Teens and Children in Cochrane, AB. 

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