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The potential to change resides in everyone



Clinical Hypnotherapy is used to explore and address a variety of health and well-being matters.​Hypnotherapy is a natural state, just like daydreaming or driving along a highway and not paying attention. It is a trance-like state which can occur naturally throughout the day. In hypnotherapy, you remain fully in control, focused and aware of the environment.


Hypnotherapy can be described as a deeply relaxing, calming, and peaceful experience which involves a state of relaxed consciousness.​How and why does it work?  More than 90% of our mind is functioning on a subconscious level, meaning that most of the day, we are operating in autopilot. We do not put any thought into doing things like driving a car, blinking, walking, eating or even breathing. This is the same principle when it comes to our negative and limiting beliefs, habits and thoughts that have a direct influence on our lives. This is why it becomes hard to have lasting, lifelong change because we simply do not access the subconscious. You may have set an intention to change or give up a habit, maybe at the start of the year, and you make good progress for a while, and then you fall back into your old thought habits or patterns.


In Clinical Hypnotherapy, we communicate directly with the subconscious mind and unlock its true potential. Getting to the heart of the matter allows for changes to happen. During hypnosis, we are able to reprogram the subconscious, create new strong neural pathways and change what we no longer want in our lives.​There is no such feeling as a hypnotized feeling, it is simply a state of pure relaxation where the body and the conscious part of the brain goes to sleep and moves out of the way so the work to change can begin.​


Jodi's approach to Clinical Hypnotherapy is founded on the belief that each person’s journey to wellness is different. Jodi works with her clients to identify their specific needs and to tailor hypnotherapy sessions that will be most effective for them. Jodi's goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their unique experiences, gain insight into their behaviours and emotions, and make positive changes.​


Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions take place at my private practice from my home. Please click on the book free consultation button to connect and book an appointment.


Having a consultation is important to ensure you would like to work with me and that hypnotherapy may help you with your goals.  All packages purchased must be used within three months of the purchase date. 

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